I came to art through a passion for sustainability and the environment.
I create work with nature, about nature and in nature.

I discovered a passion for basketry in the early 80’s but it wasn’t until 1994 that I began exploring and working with plant fibres.

I taught myself skills that allowed me to use discarded natural materials to make utilitarian objects.

After a few small successes with exhibitions, making mainly baskets, I enrolled to study fine art.  From here my practise expanded to include painting, metal, fishing line and glass.

I create and construct objects and installations based on various themes….each exhibition looks at a different issue….personal, local, national or global….I then focus on beauty and form to convey the message.

My work is intricate, simple and appears to be fragile. This is enhanced by shadow-play, negative spaces and movement.

My process is wholistic and labour intensive.  I collect, process, weave/construct and on most occasions install my work.

My skills are based in basketry, carpentry, floristry, ceramics and welding.

I have organised many ephemeral art events and gatherings, most being on the beaches and in the forests of Byron Bay.

I also have a personal practice / daily ritual, creating at least one ephemeral work each day….this has been a continuous practice since 2008.

My work has been in many nationally recognised exhibitions including; Sculpture by the Sea,  Conrad Jupiters, The Blake Prize and Jacaranda Acquisitive Drawing Award.  I have had 10 solo shows at both commercial and regional galleries. I have been commissioned to created over 100 artworks for public galleries, private clients, hospitals and resorts.