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Weaving Tradition with Sustainability

Honouring a loved one with dignity and respect is important to all. How do you reflect their environmental and social choices during the complex time of death and bereavement?

d’Vine Creations  was founded on our deep reverence for nature and the desire to give people a genuinely unique and environmentally conscious option for cremation or burial. We are here to help. We offer individualised traditional or highly personalised coffins.

Why we are the most sustainable and environmental choice:

d’Vine creations is the most unique and regenerative coffin weaving business in Australia, and possibly the world.

Our coffins are woven in regional NSW from locally sourced Cats Claw Vine. By physically removing this introduced species from trees we are helping to save and regenerate precious native forest ecosystems. This avoids the need to fumigate and import monocultural materials (cane or willow). This slow and labour-intensive process is 100% human powered.

“d’Vine Creations offer the most environmentally sustainable and regenerative solution for families to honour their loved ones with dignity and respect while also leaving a lighter footprint on the planet”

Our process
Once the Cats Claw Vine has been removed from the trees, without the use of chemicals or damaging tools, it is bundled and carried out of the forest. The team remove the detritus, then the material is ready to weave.
The entire process from collection of materials to the completion of the coffin is a regenerative and circular solution,  which not only helps forests, it also employs skilled people, while providing a final vessel of utmost integrity. By choosing our coffins you will be making a meaningful environmental and social choice which is a win-win for all.

Our team
The team at d’Vine Creations is a group of skilled artisans and environmentally conscious nature lovers and includes weavers, horticulturalists, bush regenerators, artists, florists, natural leather tanners, trackers and ancestral skills professionals.
Personalise the coffins
We encourage you to personalise the coffin as much or as little as you desire. We can weave a contemporary design or line the coffin with a blanket or fabric that is sentimental to loved ones. We can incorporate plants from the families garden or pieces of cloth in the weaving process.

Weave your own coffin as an individual, family or group of friends

Zimmi, the founder of d’Vine Creations, has been teaching groups how to make and weave for over 40 years.

Select from our range of coffins on our website, join a coffin weaving workshop or plan your own experience. We are all about personalising and offering bespoke contemporary options.

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