Random Weave Basket + Online Tutorial


In this tutorial, Zimmi will take you step by step through the full process of creating a beautiful Random Weave Basket. With 25 years of basketry teaching behind her, Zimmi shares her comprehensive knowledge, the various tricks, ins and outs and tips to make this as simple as possible. Her video and teaching style explains the techniques from various angles and breaks them down into stages to support each student to understand and feel confident.


The kit comes boxed with the online code, materials and instructions necessary to make this gorgeous basket. Zimmi will share with you her basketry story, and present you with some historical, ethical and personal view points to think about  and consider.

Random Weave is a really satisfying technique that can be used to give amazing results. The Bangalow Palm is a beautiful, abundant and forgiving natural fibre that gifts you with a unique basket or sculpture, each time.

Remember, you can order more than one bundle of fibre at any stage. Our Black  bundles are limited in numbers and not always available, so get in quick if this is of interest.  The single stems are a lovely addition to play with and give such unique outcomes.

Im looking forward to sharing my fibres and knowledge with you.

NOTE: The tutorial is essentially a Facebook tutorial which requires you to have an account … If however you do not have Facebook, please contact Zimmi for alternate option. </strong></em>

Random Weave Basket Tutorial Party Packs

The kit comes boxed with paper instructions, pins, your log in details for video tutorial & a minimum of one bunch of dried natural Bangalow inflorescence … then you chose to include which ever type of bunches or singles that you desire.

For Party Packs, or if you would like to make more baskets, you can chose to purchase extra materials in the form of;

For example you can chose to purchase 3 extra natural bundles @ $40 each plus 2 black bundles @$50 each plus 2 single stems @$10 each
This will be priced as follows:
$140 + $120 +$100 +$20 =$380

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 32 × 22.5 × 10 cm